What are the easiest games to play online?

Within the world of play or entertainment there are many variants and forms that. Depending on our interests, the level or even the time we want to allocate to it, we will be able to have at our disposal. In fact, among all these alternatives there are a series of easy games whose fun is intrinsically related to their simplicity and ease of play.

In this sense, below we are going to offer you a list with some of the easier games, and in a certain way, which we are going to be able to enjoy practically at any time.

Top easy games

You undoubtedly know what we are talking about, and that is that this mythical game is one of the most traditional and popular alternatives among children, or in general, among people of any age range. Basically, it is a game with rules and a really simple operation, hence it is mostly focused on a child audience.

I see I see

In reality, I see I see is a guessing game that is still intact and valid over time, and it is characterized by not having a limitation in terms of the number of participants and even the duration of their games will depend on what its users decide.

As you surely know, the game I see I see consists of guessing the name of the object or person that the participant whose turn corresponds to it is thinking about, in such a way that, if it is achieved, the one who has got it right would begin to add points. Which will be decided at the end and make the total sum of the game.

Currently we can also have an online version of this game, which is still really simple because of the screen of the device that we use we will be able to see several images that serve as a basis for people to choose which one to think about, hoping that the opponents Guess the same ones based on what they see and the indicated description.


In addition to being one of the easiest and simplest games, it is one of the most popular. In fact, during the period of the pandemic, several game developers have adapted the game to different mobile applications in order to offer their users the possibility of playing it remotely.

The first thing we have to say is that Parcheesi is an entertainment modality that several participants can play simultaneously. In addition, as we mentioned, today these people do not have to be physically located in the same place to enjoy it because thanks to its different online variants we will be able to connect and spend a few hours of entertainment with any family member or friend who is willing to have fun.

In general, in each game up to 4 members can play, who will have to move their pieces around a board designed in the shape of a cross. It should be noted that each member has 4 tokens, which are of a certain color and previously chosen (yellow, blue, red or green), and that in the same way, they will have to remove from their starting or starting square. To do this, each one will use a die with which the number of squares that can be advanced will be determined.

The game board is divided as follows: 4 starting or home zones, a path or route of 68 squares and a corridor with a final square of the 4 colors representative of the 4 participants.

At the beginning of each game, the members have a couple of tokens that must be placed in the initial square of the route, the rest must be located in the home zone, and to remove them from that location they will have to roll a 5 on the dice.

Word Chain Games

Another game that is in the top  easy games is Word Chain. This game consists of searching, with the final syllable with which a word or image ends, another word that begins with the syllable found.

The objective is to gradually form a chain with each of the words that the participants have been saying.

In this type of game, various skills are worked on, but the one that stands out above all is called phonological awareness, that is, a metalinguistic skill with which a sound or phoneme represented by a grapheme or graphic sign is understood. Basically, it is the ability of visual, mental and auditory word recognition.

On the other hand, we can also play Word Chain online, and for this we will only have to pass the cursor of our mouse over the letters while maintaining the click when joining them.

In this way, we can form the word we want as long as we comply with the basic rule, that is, make them from the syllables found. We recommend that you use long words, since the longer they are, the higher the score we will get.

Puzzle Games

As we all know, the Puzzle is a set of pieces, which must be placed or placed in an organized manner in order to obtain or form a final figure. Sometimes it is known or confused as the so-called puzzle, however, its main difference lies in the way it is presented and the number of pieces used.

The game mode is based on, or rather, it will depend on the number of pieces, a fact that is defined according to the age range of the participants and this is extremely important when its main members are children or a child-age audience.

In any case, there are numerous benefits that this simple game can provide us, and through its practice we will be able to: develop motor skills, develop the motor skills of the eye, exercise visual memory, recognize and associate shapes and colors, increase the ability to concentrate, increase and strengthen memory, increase the ability to solve problems, and of course, combat stress.


Playing Dominoes is sometimes considered an art, however this does not mean that it is a complicated game or one with extreme difficulty, rather the opposite.

Dominoes is a game of tiles that contains 28 pieces with different numbers between 0 and 6 on each of their sides.

The purpose of this easy game is to place all the pieces on the board and therefore get rid of them before the other participants.

The games can be carried out with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 participants.

In turn, it also has online versions, which allow us to connect with friends or even with real opponents chosen automatically and randomly easy casino games.

We know that entering the world of casinos or games of chance for the first time can be somewhat confusing and that it generates many doubts since we do not know how some of their games work. However, with the aim of paving the way for you, we would like to mention some of the easy online casino games that you will be able to access in completely legal and safe gaming operators such as Gran Madrid Casino Online.

Pay attention to the following games:


Slot machines or slots are known for being the easiest to play, in fact, to do so you just have to choose the amount you want to bet and press a simple button to start your game. Even if it still seems somewhat complex to you, there are some versions of slots that allow you to select the autoplay option, so with that, all we would have to do is see how the reels roll and wait for fortune to smile on us with some winning combination.


Of course we do not want to make it seem that playing in an online casino is always that simple, but there are several modalities or types of games of chance whose operation does not have any complexity, and in this sense, within these games there is also the roulette

To play roulette, all we have to do is put the chip(s) in the square(s) that we believe the ball is going to stop, and fortune or luck will take care of the rest. Simply mention that among the betting options we can choose to bet on a certain number, a color, even or odd, etc.

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Who has not ever played bingo? Well, for all those who still don’t know, to play it all we have to do is pay attention to each of the numbers that come out of the drum and thus cross them out, if any, in the cardboard. The objective is to try to cross out as many numbers as possible thanks to which we can sing “Bingo” if we cross out all the numbers, or we can also sing a line when we have a whole row of hits.


Last but not least, we have to make a special mention of the game of Darts. In fact, here we have to make a parenthesis and tell you that not all online casinos have dart boards, however, it is a very easy game in which we only have to have a good aim.

As you already know, the main objective is to throw the darts as close as possible to the center of the board in order to add points according to the position or the box in which we finally place it.

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