Scams prevalent in Online Casino Platforms

An online Casino is an internet-based form of a traditional casino. Unlike traditional casinos, people need to create an account by providing their personal information, and then they need to make deposits in order to participate.

Online Casinos have been there for almost two decades. However, incremental acceptance and the growing popularity of online casinos have given scammers a chance to be more prevalent in this field.

Strategies that online casino scammers use are discussed here,

  • Scammers running away with participants’ deposits,
  • Employing users’ patience as bait,
  • Generating epinephrine rush and psychological manipulation,
  • Software and apps from unknown sources pose the possibility of Ransomware attacks,
  • Scammers trade participants’ identity and personal information in black markets,
  • Declining participants’ requests for withdrawal,
  • Scammers taking advantage of spyware,
  • Scammers luring participants with unrealistic bonuses,
  • No traces of contact information on their websites and apps,
  • Misleading participants by lying about license, legality, and registrations

Scammers running away with participants’ deposits:

Similar to a traditional casino, where you need to make a payment upfront in order to participate, you need to make a deposit before participating in an online casino too. Unfortunately, opportunistic online casino scammers take advantage of this practice of making upfront deposits.

They create fake websites which may look identical to any other legitimate online casino. They lure the victims with exciting offers and encourage them to make deposits, and eventually run away with the money. Sometimes scammers who run fictitious games controlling the random number generator let the participants withdraw money initially on winnings to garner their trust into depositing more money.

Employing users’ patience as bait:

Other strategies of online casino scams involve using users’ patience as bait. In this scam, scammers intentionally encourage the participants to deposit a small amount of money. They know that when the deposit is of a smaller amount, it will be easy to let go of the money if something happens. So, they first garner a meager amount of money and then either freeze victims’ accounts or make it hard to withdraw the money.

Just according to their plan, victims try hard to withdraw their money and then simply give up without opting for legal action as the amount involved is insignificant.

Generating epinephrine rush and psychological manipulation:

Our hormones majorly control our body and mood. An acquisitive scammer exploits the mechanism of victims’ emotions and reactions by letting them win in the first place. Resorting to this strategy, they create an epinephrine rush in victims that leads them to harness more money in online casinos.

The illegitimate online casino scammers are not the only ones who are in on this strategy, but some legitimate casinos too are found to be doing the same. They take the help of rigged softwares to perpetrate this which lets them regulate the random number generator, popularly known as RNG, as they wish.

Software and apps from unknown sources posing the possibility of a Ransomware attack:

Softwares and apps downloaded from unknown sources pose the risk of a Ransomware attack. Victims of ransomware attacks get deprived of all the important data they have on their devices. Attackers keep victims’ sensitive information hostage and ask for ransom in order to release them. As a result, victims may lose their important files and data forever or may have to pay a fortune to get back access to it.

Scammers trade participants’ identity and personal information in the black market:

Perpetrators of online casino scams do not continually target to steal victims’ money straight away, but they fraudulently garner victims’ personal information sometimes inclusive of bank details. They make a profit by trading them in the black market. It is hard to avoid identity theft as every business requires personal details to get you enrolled, regardless of online, offline, genuine, or illegitimate means.

Declining participants’ requests for withdrawal:

Fictitious online casinos first persuade people to participate by making deposits and then decline their request when they want to withdraw their winnings. Then, they ghost their users by simply not answering their calls and emails, or they claim that they cannot let victims withdraw money under the current situation. They may also have mentioned these in their terms and conditions policy, but making it hard to comprehend, so that victims first fail at noticing the fraud and later at taking legal action.

Scammers taking advantage of spyware:

Sometimes perpetrators who are intended to steal our identity, as well as personal information, employ spyware in order to do so. Sometimes it seems more dangerous than a ransomware attack, as victims do not even get to know that all the activities they are doing on their devices are being spied on. Therefore, it is necessary that you go for research before participating in online casinos and before downloading any apps from unknown sources.

Scammers luring participants with unrealistic bonuses:

Almost every online casino offers bonuses to encourage their target audience to participate in their game. An illegitimate casino with the intention of stealing their customers’ money does the same, but the bonuses they offer are often too good to be true. A legitimate company needs to put a limit as they are intended to provide the reward. In contrast, an illegitimate company is not inclined to give the bonus in reality, so it is easier for them to claim that they will offer a gigantic bonus, even if that sounds unrealistic.

No traces of contact information on the websites and apps:

If a website or app of an illegitimate online casino lacks contact information then their intention was always to run away with participants’ money. They make sure that the victims find it hard to contact them. Always go through their website well enough before you decide to gamble with them, and avoid partnering with online casinos which lack contact details. A legitimate online casino always ensures participants’ convenience and never makes it hard for the participants to reach out to them for any query.

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Misleading participants by lying about license, legality, and registrations:

Many online casinos that are not legalized claim that they are legal on their apps and websites. Participants who do not research much get tricked by them easily. When you participate in casino games held by unregistered firms, the chances of your money getting compromised are high.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do online casinos work?

Online casinos are just like any other land-based traditional casinos. Only online casinos use Random Number Generator, popularly known as RNG, in order to generate winning combinations. Unlike traditional casinos, one needs to open an account first and then make a deposit to participate in an online casino.

How can I save myself from online casino scams?

Any kind of scam is preventable with an independent investigation. Research before you make any decision while participating and playing in an online casino. Only consider partnering with them when you are 100% certain about their legitimacy.

What red flags does one need to be wary of while participating in an online casino?

Lack of contact information on the websites and apps, and if the bonuses offered sound too good to be true, then these are all the red flags a participant needs to be wary of. Also, never install any app or software from any unknown sources. It puts forward the risk of spyware as well as ransomware attacks.

What if online casinos refuse to let winners withdraw money?

One may face these problems when the online casinos they have partnered with turn out to be illegitimate, but as every problem comes with a solution, there are many fund recovery companies that have emerged over the years which help victims in recovering their money lost to forgery. One can easily find such organizations on the internet and seek help.

How do they select a winner in an online casino game?

Online casinos are dependent on the Random Number Generator, popularly known as RNG, which generates winning combinations and selects winners.


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