How to win at roulette? – Tips & Tricks

Roulette is a game of chance in which we do not have much room for maneuver. Although, we can put the statistics more on our side if we know how to bet. We Explain you here the best systems, strategies, tricks and tips on how to win at online roulette. This, plus the casinos where you can play it in its demo versions.

Online roulette is one of the most popular online casino games among players worldwide. They are dying to know how to win this popular game. And, the ideal is that this is achieved in a simple way, without having to invest a lot of money and that it generates good profits.

It is not easy, but to achieve this, there are some systems and strategies that make it easier. Players can put them into practice to learn how to win at roulette. The important thing is that players are clear that none of these methods is foolproof.

6 Tricks how to win at Roulette

Tricks are also techniques that players employ on how to win at roulette and they can be of different types:

Dealer Signature

The Dealer’s Signature trick is based on determining by observation some pattern in the dealer’s movements when throwing the ball. In order to determine in which area of ​​the wheel the ball will stop. If you play online, you should know that this trick only works on live roulette, with a real dealer.

Oscar Grinding

The Oscar Grinding trick in roulette is a progressive type. The player must progressively increase his bets by one unit while making a profit. Also, he should keep them when he gets lost.

One Hit Wonder

The One Hit Wonder is based on the player choosing a particular lucky number. Once the number is chosen, the player must bet on it until it comes out in a roll.

Choose a favorable RTP

Among the tricks to win at roulette is to choose a game with a favorable RTP. This refers to the percentage of return for each victory that is achieved in the rounds.

Each roulette title has among its specifications what is the percentage of return on winning bets. Some are higher than others, by choosing the right game you can win great prizes for victory.

Study the types of bets

Roulette is not just about betting random numbers. Here, you will find different types of bets of different ranges, both in said numbers and in the amount of money.

  • As a general rule, while your bet is for more specific numbers, you will have higher profits.
  • On the contrary, if you bet on a larger number of numbers, you will get smaller prizes in case you win the round.
  • This first scenario has less chance of victory and the second, the other way around.

You should see all this based on your budget, since there are progressive, external, internal, simple bets, among others. Therefore, it is important to know these ways of betting and to know which one may suit you best in a specific round.

Play with a cool head

As a final piece of advice on roulette tricks, you must be in control of how you play at all times. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a hot streak or a series of losses, you can’t let yourself be overwhelmed by adrenaline. The thrill of playing can cloud your judgment and therefore you stop thinking with a cool head.

Ways to win at roulette

There are several methods that can help you know how to win at roulette to increase your chances of victory. Next, we talk about some of them; keep them in mind and put them into practice in the game:

Remember to use statistics

The game of roulette has a chance as its main element. Therefore, this factor cannot be controlled, but it is not the only thing to take into account. Because another important point to consider is statistics, with them, we will know how to always win at roulette.

Expert players know the win stats and trends to predict where the ball will land. With this element, you will notice which numbers have come out more often and thus assume certain events. From here, you can control your bets and have a greater chance of winning at roulette.

Try to detect any irregularity in the roulette

This method can be very difficult to apply and depends on the experience and accuracy of the player. However, you can try to notice if there is any irregularity on the board in order to win at roulette.

Applying it could let you know if a certain glitch in the composition will help you predict where the ball will land. Although you can’t do this in online roulette, there is a live roulette with a real dealer. The system applied in this modality is the same as in a physical casino.

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Practice in the demo versions

The demo versions offer numerous advantages to the players to know how to win at electronic roulette and variants:

  • In the demo versions you can practice all your roulette strategies without any complications.
  • You will be able to know if a technique on how to win money at roulette works, playing as long as you need.
  • Many of the roulette games in online casinos have a demo version free of registration.
  • Here, you will be able to know better about how the bets are, ways of playing, tricks for roulette, among others.
  • The demo versions can make you an expert in knowing exactly how to win at roulette.
  • Even if you take advantage of it a lot, you will manage to discover some way that helps you know how to always win at roulette.
  • You can do all this without having to bet a single penny, since the demo versions are free.
  • You will be able to make mistakes at no monetary cost while you get used to the rules of winning at roulette.

Tips for novice players

In order for the novice or beginner players know tricks to win in this game, they must take into account some recommendations. The following tips will help you as you become more familiar with this fun game.

  • First of all, so that they become familiar with the rules and ways of betting on roulette. Players can play the free versions offered by our casinos. This way they will not lose real money on their first attempts.
  • Once you feel ready to play for real money, you can try the tricks that we have mentioned in this article. When betting for real money, the most important thing is that players play with a cool head.
  • The ideal is that they do not get carried away by sudden emotions, neither in the winning streak, nor in the losing ones.
  • Also, it is very important for players to set a game budget or bankroll.
  • They must adhere to it at all times and under no circumstances bet more money than they can pay.

Strategies how to win money at roulette

Roulette strategies are methods that players put into practice. These, to try to get some profit while enjoying this game. The goal of the strategies is to understand how to win and to have a better handling of profits.

Most are spent making outside bets. Some of the most common strategies are:


The Alembert strategy is a mathematical method. With this, the player must decrease his bet by a single unit when he wins on a spin. And also increase it by one unit when I win.


This is a negative progressive betting method that is based on the Fibonacci number sequence. This is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, among others. The player must follow the order of the sequence when he loses and go back two numbers when he wins.


It is one of the most common and used by players. Using this strategy, players must double their bets when they lose. In turn, return to the original bet when you win.

Reverse Martingale

It is the counterpart of the Martingale. The player must double his bets when he wins and decrease them to his initial bet when he loses.

Red Bet

The Red Bet strategy also helps the winner in his question of how to win in this game. It is based on the player placing his bet on the color red. Doubling it every time he loses during a spin and also betting on that spin, the initial value of black.

These strategies can be compared to the getting strategy, being another possible way on how making money at roulette. The results can be just as good for winning at roulette, without much change and you don’t take as many risks. The bets are raised progressively and with a few variations between them.

Systems how to win at roulette

If you want to know more ways to win at roulette games, then we will talk about its different systems. These roulette systems decrease the house edge, and in turn, provide a greater opportunity for the player to make a profit.


This system is based on raising the bet when you win. In turn, reduce it when it is lost, both in one unit. This method focuses on outside bets.


It is used to taking into account a sequence of numbers that the player establishes. The sum of the numbers that are located at each end of it, is the amount of the bet that the player must place.


It is based on predicting the sectors in which the ball will land and not on betting on a particular number.


This is a system that can only be used in a physical casino roulette wheel. It is based on determining flaws and errors in roulette.


You must memorize the numbers that have come out in the last three previous spin. And, place your bets, leaving out those numbers, choosing the dozen or column that does not have them.


Involves doubling bets on winning spins. In this way it is expected to achieve 3 consecutive winning spins.


The player must bet on the last number that has been repeated in roulette. This, at least twice during the previous 36 spins.


The player places a 5 chip bet on 2 of the 3 dozen numbers. Likewise, the player must place a bet on 4 numbers that they select from the remaining dozen on the table. This in order to select 28 of the 36 numbers that make up the wheel.


It is a fun system where you bet on a six, and 4 other numbers from the rest of the board.

Test your knowledge on how to win at electronic, online roulette and its variants and double your winnings!


All Information given in this article is for informational purposes only based on gambling literature. However, none of these tips guarantees or is a determining factor for success in the activity of the analyzed game. Gambling tilt not responsible for any loss.

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